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VMware honors COMPAREX as Global and EMEA Innovation Marketing Partner of the Year

Meet the VMware Global Innovation Marketing Partner of the Year 2016! 

COMPAREX was acknowledged for conducting the first multi-national campaign of a partner last night at the VMware Partner Leadership Summit. 

This is fantastic! Congrats to our team!

With combined efforts and by using resources efficiently COMPAREX became VMware’s Global as well as EMEA „Innovation Marketing Partner of the Year“! COMPAREX colleagues from more than ten subsidiaries executed an extensive SDDC-focused campaign, using different formats. Thus, this first multinational campaign of a VMware EMEA-partner ever became an extremely successful pilot project. Learn more about this project in today’s article. 

Local events, webcasts, telemarketing, mailings, Google AdWords, Blogs, Social Media etc. – all these were elements of a pilot campaign by COMPAREX with the goal, to promote VMware’s so-called Power Plays. COMPAREX as the first VMware EMEA Regional Premier Partner ever designed a multinational campaign focused on VMware SDDC (Software-Defined Datacenter). Subsidiaries from more than ten countries participated in this campaign.

Goals and challenges

The pilot campaigned aimed at transferring VMware messages in the corporate layout of COMPAREX, to complete them with COMPAREX services and thus create added value for the customer. Key solutions of VMware – such as vSOM (vSphere with Operations Management), vSAN (virtual storage function integrated in vSphere), vCloud Air and AirWatch were promoted with these measures.
The first challenge was to use the VMware budget, as well as the resources provided -  in terms of staff - as efficient as possible. Up to date, COMPAREX has been only conducting VMware specific marketing and business development actions separately, in each subsidiary. Regarding quality and quantity, they varied strongly in the past. Often, there was no marketing budget for VMware marketing activities available at all or just very limited resources for vendor marketing.
The second challenge was the selection of the products to focus on. Previous campaigns had partially concentrated on less important products. For that reason, key products were explicitly identified, a central marketing budget was organized and content in COMPAREX design was created.

The third challenge was the individual requirements of the respective markets. Therefore, three different campaign packages were created from which the countries could choose in order to deliver according to the different market needs.  In addition, the subsidiaries invested in gaining all relevant VMware competencies that now form the basis for even higher quarterly VMware product rebates.

Process and approach

Firstly, with the help of VMware the solution focus was determined. Moreover, the vendor supported
the campaign with the latest content as well as with additional EMEA marketing budget, as part of the VMware Market Mover program. After their initial applications, more than ten countries were chosen by VMware on the basis of their market position and current certification status, but most important, they were elected due to their strategic plans with VMware. In the first phase, the campaign focused on vSOM and vSphere Optimization Asessment (VOA). With great success: The added value of vSOM could be conveyed to a multitude of customers and by using vSOM-Dashboards COMPAREX could in one case point out bottlenecks that the customer itself had not been able to identify within twelve months. In other cases, an extended “what-if” analysis was presented to the customer on management level which resulted in a company-wide rollout of vSOM.
Secondly, prioritized target of the campaign were existing vSphere customers. By presenting the added value of VOA, existing customers were convinced to realize further projects with VMware products. In the next round, vSAN and vSAN Optimization Assessment are to be put forward in order to inflict a vSAN discussion and thus exeed vSphere.

Finally, based on the success of the vSphere campaign further requests of COMPAREX subsidiaries were received in order to benefit from centrally created VMware campaign material, as well. The pilot project is considered as a very successful first attempt between Global Partner Sales, International Marketing and last but not least the local COMPAREX subsidiaries.

Perceptions of the project

A recap of the project: A multinational VMware campaign is not an easy thing, especially if you need to coordinate such a heterogeneous group of COMPAREX organizations. Therefore, the key to the success of the project was the cooperation between the countries and the way they discussed matters.  The formation of informal groups for marketing and manufacturers contributed significantly to the positive result. The project also benefited from the networking of COMPAREX employees and VMware Champs - especially on local level. Regional characteristics were thus taken into account, some of which are considerably importance in the EMEA region. By sharing best practices and success stories, learning effects - according to the motto, learning by doing '- were achieved. At the same time other COMPAREX subsidiaries signalized their interest of becoming part of the community, as well. 

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